Wednesday, October 21, 2009

She's a Hemphill

Ate and fell asleep!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. She has all that hair like Jessica had when she was born. She truly is a Hemphill....fill their belly and off to sleep they go (or maybe that comes from the Storrer's ... to be fair to Harold :-))!

  2. Awesome! I'm SOOOOOO excited for you guys!

    Hugs - Tiff

  3. Darick, Amanda, Jackson, Harrison and now little Bayta! I can't believe the ring bearer in my wedding is a Daddy 3 times over. Isn't it amazing??? I am so happy Bayta is doing so well. I know she will continue to make excellent progress and you three will be reunited with your precious sons in no time! Her incision looks wonderful! I am so impressed that she didn't need to be intubated, that she has been doing what newborns do...sleep (it's really hard being born into this world), pee, poop, eat, sleep, pee, poop, eat, yada yada...Just wait till she smiles at you...You think you are totally in love with her now (as I can tell you are), but just wait until she smiles that gorgeous, toothless smile and she will have you so wrapped around her little fingers you will NEVER get loose! Nor will you want to be...She is adorable! I do see a lot of Hemphill in her!!Hope she didn't inherit the Hemphill temper...Say do they test for that during the genetic testing?? Darick, you picked a true, perfect diamond when you married Amanda! I know the bills are piling up to keep Bayta well, but guess what...You better start saving for the wedding as soon as possible!!! Of course, that is if her Daddy will let her date before she is eligible for social security!! Reminds me a lot of when Angela was born and Uncle Harold was completly whooped!! He would probably have been whooped with you as well, however you inherited the obstreperousness gene that is dominate in the Hemphill clan!!! Congratulations to all of you on your beautiful, new daughter! She is definately a keeper!! You did good buddy...Momma would have loved to have seen her...She loved babies so much........I'm loving your blog and am even overlooking the typo's (after all you have been just a tad busy)...Amanda will be up and around in no time...She knows just exactly what she needs to do to get through abdominal surgery and she will want to do just what she can (just don't overdo it, take advantage of anytime you can to rest, because as you well know, sleep will be in short supply for a while, but she is so lucky to have you as her rock during this time of healing)...Don't be surprised if, when you get home, you sleep for a long time just due to the incredible stress you have been under since finding out about the omphalocele is finally lifting...Take care of yourselves, keep the love alive, and you will be so very successful...Know that, despite your orneriness, you and your wonderful family are in our thoughts and prayers and that you all are loved...Please keep us posted and I LOVE the pictures!! Congratulations again and may the good news keep coming your way!!!