Friday, October 23, 2009

What we now have to worry about

There is probably a twist in the stomach or colon. That prevented a dense dye to pass. Milk is much thinner so it was actually passing through giving us dirty diapers and a false sense of security. We pray for no damage to the organs.

The drs nowbhav to open her up again , do a lot more exploring ... Pull the stomach and colon back through and then patch the hole. Long term that can be a problem cause patches don't heal. They will try to seal using muscle only, but from the xrays I saw it doesn't look good.

Bayta will go back to day one in the nicu. This is crushing to her parents but we chose Bayta because of her ability to overcome adversity.

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  1. We are sending thoughts and prayers your way! Praying for the docs and nurses also!!


  2. Darick & Amanda- we are praying "our little girl" will come out of this with flying colors- you are all in our prayers..She is such a sweet little darling..Darick you are a wonderful person for taking such good care of Amanda and Bayta and for all the sweet and loving things you say....