Thursday, October 29, 2009

Battle of the doctors

There are no right answers in this room. The doctors constantly debate about the best course of action for Bayta. This makes it very hard to tell people what is going on... But we know she gets a better standard of care because of the battles going on around her.

New plan:
Amanda breastfeeds in about an hour. The groin lines will remain in until we see that she is doing well and that her food and meds are staying down. The logic is that if she isn't able to keep them down then we have to put back in an iv... So why take one out just to possibly have to put it right back in tomorrow?

The groin lines make changing diapers a little difficult but that is a minor complaint if I keeps her from getting stuck again.

So now we need 24 hours of weight gain and then the conversation turns discharge. We will probably take 24 to 48 hours of no monitors to see how she and we do in an apartment setting here in the hospital. A lot of people we have talked to have said that when you get home and there are no monitors watching her to make sure she breathes... You get paranoid and can't relax.

Today we hAve a CPR meeting at 1:00 pm

Tonight at 6:30 we have a dinner with other parents of nicu babies. I am looking forward to hearing their stories.
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