Friday, October 10, 2014

Sorry for the long absence, but there has been nothing to report. Bayta continues to grow. When a classmate asked her about her scar she shrugged and said that is the way God made me. looking back on Bayta's Battles it seems impossible that such a perfect little girl could come out of all that worrying and stress.

Bayta will turn five years old on October 19th 2014. She has been counting down the days since May. She now can read, count to over a hundred even though it "hurts her breath." She is physically active, loves her brothers and knows the names of everyone at her school. In short she takes after her mother... Thank God.

Four years later her mother and I both stop breathing when she says her stomach hurts, but so far it is the normal upset stomachs that come with eating too much.

While we were at St. Louis Children's hospital a full gene study was performed on her. I am going to see if I cant get the results of that study added to her file.

As always I will try to get more pictures on the blog as I get time.