Saturday, October 24, 2009

Allena I am in nicu

Email me I can't talk....

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  1. hi, i just wanted to say that i am the parent of an o baby too. i am on the o board on the baby center with amanda. i'm so sorry about the care you recieved last night. make yourself a pain.... ask the atteneding for a more experienced nurse..... my guy was never on a vent but the roomie he had had one her nurse was in trining to be a nicu nurse but had 5 yes count them 5 nurses from other non critical paitents watching her. if you have ANY questions about what we experienced or what our docs did please just email me or leave a message on the o board on the babycenter. i know its really scary right now and every second it feels like your heart is going to stop but keep your head up..... just cup your hand around her head (usually the only place you can really reach) and tell her how much you love her, she needs to hear your voice because she will hear so much stuff she needs a little stability. my email is you all are in my prayers