Saturday, October 24, 2009

Met the surgeons

Pretty much nothing happened last night. Due to a screwup one of the lines from her groin clotted and so now she still has to be stuck for blood draw. She is asleep. She grabbed my finger and squeezed. Her eyes are grey where they were white but other than that she seems ok. She has a drain tube from her belly that has to run clear before it can be removed. She has a drain from her chest that is still draining crimson but it is very watery so that is a good sign. The omnious vent is still here.

She "rode the vent" last night which means she let it set te pace. She is now beginning to beat it... We will keep lowering the o2 which is now at 30%. Her ox level is 100 which is right where we want it.

Good news! While I have been blogging this morning the surgeon suggested shooting heparin into the clogged line. It worked and the line is now clear so no more foot sticks.

They have upped he pain meds from morphine to
Fentanyl. From where I sit I can see her little tounge thrusting...

Mom is still at rmh and hopefully resting. I brought in six tubes of milk this am.

The neo natologist just stopped by and I was a little confused if we have a diagnosis of pentology of cantrell or not. Pentology as the name implies requires five findings... I will add some links to my page by my count we have four of five. Poc is pretty much my worst nightmare... Although so Far it is not manisfesting severely. Time will tell.

Step one let's pray to get her off the vent.
Pray for her mom to continue being so strong
Pray that the doctors can figure out the clues
Pray for the nurses to take her care personally.

I am going to head back to rmh to eat breakfast with my wife.
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