Friday, October 23, 2009

Home at rmh (day 5)

Were home. Amanda can sleep... I can do laundry. She can shower and i don't hAve to worry about her safety. This. Place is such a blessing for us.

Amanda already commented about how the flowers make the room seem homier. Thanks Tammy for the card and the bear and the outfits. She cried when she saw them... And the card was spot on.
I hope to have her in bed by 1130 with pumping taking place at 130 330 And 530.

I am going in tomorrow at 500 to to catch surgical rounds at 600. Hopefully we will have more info on how bayta is getting along. It was very hard to leAve her splayed out like that, but I think the next few days she will require a lot of decisions from mom and dad... We need to be ready to help bayta with her battles.

This blog is more aptly named than I ever imagined.

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  1. Prayers for a wonderful day Saturday! Reading all of your blogs, you are doing such a wonderful job keeping everyone updated, thank you! We love you guys, hope you get some rest tonight. Sending you a package tomorrow, anything in particular that you need?

  2. We are all there for you... Thinking of you, praying for you, and loving all of you! Whatever you need, whenever you need it... We will do our beat to make it so!
    Thor Catherine and Colin