Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harrison dressed as anakin skywalker

Thanks Amy for the picture!!!

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  1. so is that cundiff hall??? wow....what a more RED!
    i just logged on and read all of your posts today, ....i am so excited to see all the good news...and the talk about a "go home" date. I remember showing up at the nicu one morning and them telling me blake could go home with me....i was terrified!! glad they are letting you try it out first w/ the 24-48 hours thing....wish they had given us that option! hope amanda is feeling better!

  2. I know the BOYS will be glad to see you all when you are able to go home. Harrison and Jackson will probably be Halloweening on Saturday night (how's the grandparents holding up?) Bayta is still the cutest ever!!! Glad things are going so smoothly!! Take care...