Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayer request

Bayta continues to defy the odds. She has seemed very rested today despite having surgery just over 24 hours ago. The last time she received pain meds was 4:00am today! My folks left this afternoon to drive back to Springfield. The boys remain in Springfield with their Grammy and grandpa in Springfield...

So here is the next request, we know it sounds silly, but so far you guys are getting big results from the Big Guy.... Here is what we need: Pray for poop!!!!!

Once we know there are no kinks in the plumbing... We can really focus in on springing Bayta from this wonderful hospital!

-- Post From My iPho

1 comment:

  1. Great news you two!! We continue to pray for both Amanda and the little one, Bayta. and you too, Dad- you are going to need your strength too!!Stranger things have been asked for - why not "poop"!!! I prayer for lots of it!! Get well soon to get home to your own bed!!! that works mircles in itself!! Love you all...