Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Next step... eating milk (day 9)

At approximately 6:00 PM Bayta will attempt to drink breast milk. This is a huge stage... today she took the thinner pedialyte lite and did great with it. We do have some mommy and daddy concerns. After she finished she screamed for a few minutes and was pretty much not happy. We hope that is the same feeling an adult who has not eaten in a week if they had a big mac in a three minute period.

It happened every time though so we are going to be really careful and try to slow down her intake as much as we can. It is hard to do that because she inhales her bottles thus far.

There is a new addition coming to the ward tonight. We dont know who or waht, but we believe the child will come from Barnes Jewish... it is hard to think that dramas like the one we have gone through and much worse happen every day here. We are also going to try to wash Baytas hair tonight.

As always we will kepp you updated as we find out!



  1. James had reflux really bad and screamed through his feedings until we figured it out. He ended up on meds for it, but some of the simple things the pediatrician told us to do, like keeping her a little bit propped up during and after feedings really helped. I can't wait to hear how the milk goes!!

    Allison N.

  2. Just tell me to shut up if I start sounding like a know-it-all...


  3. so mark thinks i am addicted to your site! so good to hear that breastmilk is being tried, hope all goes well with it.

  4. Go Bayta and Go Mama!! Pumping is a hard way to go (I know this from experience) but totally worth it - especially in your circumstances! Daddy, you keep hanging in there too, and thanks for all the updates. I laugh, I cry...

    Also wanted to offer if you need anything transported between STL and Spfd, Bill comes home on Friday afternoons and returns on Sunday nights. And, Nov. 9 is our big move date. I have reserved one of the biggest trucks Penske offers (so I hear) and I'm sure I'd have plenty of room to shuttle some stuff if needed. :-)

    Hugs to all,
    Jennifer Riley