Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She likes it she likes it!

Took the milk like a champ! Wanted more...
Today was a up and down day... In the end Bayta beat the odds... Actually had Something that only one in 5 million people have... And has beaten it down to a footnote. I am sorry I didn't blog sooner, but my precious iPhone ran out of juice after several hour of studying pentology of cantrell. On the way home we stopped to get some gas. I did something I never do. I bought a lottery ticket.

-- Post From My iPhone

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  1. Our little Bayta is one in a million, the more she eats the more she'll grow. Go little one!! I can't stop thinking about you.. I am consumed with her. Darick, that is the first step - you have to buy one to WIN!!! good luck!! Love you all!!!