Sunday, October 25, 2009

5th floor nicu

This is our floor. I have left a lot of emotions on this floor. This is the front desk where you call on and ask to see your baby. To me this is a very dangerous place. We wAsh our hands a giIllion times a day. We wear masks until they are soggy fro
Tears our our breathing. But here everyone touches the same dirty phone? Why? Why not a speaker phone? Normally there is a receptionist here that I really like. When I get here early on the morning she is not here so I have to touch the phone with my index finger and thumb... I am not generAlly a germ o phob but this place makes you crazy.

The is the door of denial. If I said I hate the elevator I take it all back when I see this door. If a procedure is being done the pad by the door glares at me with an angry red eye. If it is clear then I get a pleasing green light. I have discovered ways around the door. But Amanda point out that there are signs all around saying I shouldn't bypass the door, but rather respect it's wisdom. I hate that door.

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  1. Hey Germaphobes, you'll know you've gone too far when you've considered Lysoling your food. NOT recommended btw.

    Congratulations to you both and Bayta on what seems to be great and safe entrance into the world. We wish you the best on your journey. Say "Moo" to Amanda for us.

    The Keatons