Friday, October 23, 2009

Is bayta stable?

Yes. She did very well. She just happens to have had two surgeries in her first week of life. She is unconscious and she is on a vent. They will try to take her off the vent slowly over the next few days. She is now back on 100 percent iv and they will wAi a while before that give her nourishment because the Bowles have been so strssed out already.

I have made a command decision to take Amanda back to rmh so she and bayta can get some rest. I will have the hospital call me and update as o find out more. Amanda has been through hell. She needs a break. We have a pump on her room at the rmh.

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  1. Yes, you all desperately need rest. Don't feel discouraged if all the stress causes breast milk supply problems. All the studies have shown that the immulogical benefits of breastmilk are there even if only one meal a day is breastmilk. I had lots of issues with breastfeeding, compounded by the fact that I had some issues after the delivery, and it caused way more stress and guilt than it should have. While this is certainly a tough setback, it sounds like the surgery had the best possible outcome. It also sounds like you are in great hands. Get some rest - I know you guys are going to make it through this.


    Allison N.

  2. You guys are on our hearts tonight and we'll be praying for you lots.
    Love, Cathy and Jimmy

  3. We have been watching your blog so much since Monday. You all are in our thoughts and prayers tonight. We know your little girl is such a fighter, and we pray for God's blessing for healing and rest for everyone. Our hearts go out to you tonight for all that you all have endured, but please take comfort tonight that God gives you strenght when you are weak. We will pray for His watchful eye on Bayta and for His healing and His rest for her after this recent surgery. Words are just not enough right now so just know in your hearts that people in Colorado love you and lift you up in prayer to the One that heals and provides you with your every need right now!

    The Smith Family
    Kari, Dustin, Hannah and Isabella
    Dustin's mother was Judy's best friend (Barbara Smith) in college