Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sorry we have been absent, but there has been a derth of info to report. Bayta remains asleep. Her vent remains on and really the only happy news is that an echocardiogram came back with no defects.

For now it looks like we have dodged pent of cantrell and have place ourselves firmly into a no mans land of partial diagnosis.

The good news continues to be Amandas increased strength and her ever increasing ability to produce milk. If things keep up I am going to have to find half gallon jugs to control her supply.

I think I was so tired this morning that I was allowing small things to get under my skin. It is the worst feeling in the world to see your child in pain. Today I really felt she was put in pain for no good reason and that wAs a tough pill to swallow. However, by keeping my cool (yeah right) and using the drs words in a consistent an d persistent way we got the second line cleared and Now bayta should avoid any unnecessary sticks. I will try to get a pic of the bottoms of her feet they are a bloody mess.

After getting thAt done I got myself and Amanda out of the hospital so we could tLk a bit and figure out our next dew moves... We went to walmart and picked up some basic groceries and some clothes Amanda needed as well as an outfit for bayta. (we never in a million years thought we would need them)

Bayta still continues to ride the vent which is ok for now because it means she can focus more of her energy on healing and getting stronger.

She is now getting tpn which is a nutritional supplement and some lipids to help her maintain weight. There has been some fluid the nurse has drawn off her lungs and while that makes me nervous they seem to have a good handle on it.

Amanda just finished pumping And has set a new record of four ounces... When asked how she feels she said moo.

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