Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Other parents on the ward

Besides Ellis's folks we don't see a lot of families on a regular basis. There are premie twins to the left of us that are both in isolation. Behind us there is another premie. We have been there 10 days and have seen their parents twice. This is not a slight to them. It is jar to be here everyday. To have a child you can not hold or touch because she is in a box... Must be incredibly difficult. Add to it a young mom and a non existent support group and it makes for a difficult situation. One of the fathers was in the other day bragging about his multiple children from different women. It again reminds me to thank my blessings. Both Amanda and I come from intact supportive families. What battles did we not have to face because of the sacrifices our parents made?

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  1. It's extremely sad isn't it? I think even if my baby was in isolation like that I would still sit outside and sing or talk or read books or something.

    Big Hugs - Tiff

  2. Staying married to Jay and being supportive don't feel like sacrifices to me... I think its tragic that more people don't understand the value of good relationships, or are unable to sustain them, and then can't teach their children the same. Bayta is a lucky little girl. :)