Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amanda not feeling well

We have a drs apt back at barnes Jewish for Amanda. Her incision looks to be getting infected. Please add her to your prayers.

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  1. Amanda, try to slow down and take it easy, you know as they say "you are not a cow" you just had a baby, take care and rest when you can. sleep when baby sleeps!! are you stapled or stitched? maybe if you wore a loose fitting dress so as to not let your pants rub it, could help. I'm am praying for a speedy recovery for your you!!!

  2. I know Bayta could not have better family. And she has a lot of adopted family prying for her and both of you. I can say from being in her General family( you know what I mean) I have a large family and friends prying and asking about her and you. I still think she will take over the house and her brothers in no time. God is with you and her. Love ya TM