Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dr wArner stopped by

Said he was sorry he was unable to be there for Baytas secon surgery. He was very pleased with the result. ( as was I) the incision looks like it has been healing since her Tuesday surgery. Her abdomen is still really swollen. Despite Fridays setback we still believe that we have made the right decision to have her in st. Louis.

Now if we can keep Bayta from loosing her suck reflex and the boys from forgetting who we are am not sending a lot of omphalocele pics to the public, but I thought you might find it interesting... will be ok.

A note to other "o" families dr Keller performed the second surgery. It was an agonizing decision... Do you let a stranger who happens to be on call perform a surgery. I would have preferred dr Warner he knew baytas unique anatomy. However she was In danger and a decision had to be made. It was one of those decisions that if the result had been diferent I would have suffered with it the rest of my life... As it seems now it was a good decision and dr Keller did an excellent job. If he had been our primary surgeon we would have had no regrets.

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