Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boring day (day 10)

Amanda is the source of our excitement today. She did have an infectionin her incision and she did have a uti. We got antibiotics and hopefully she will be cured by fri. Because we are in a place with a lot of resistant staph issues we created a plan to get her treated this weekend if the medicine doesn't donthe trick.

Now back at nicu things are going slow. Amanda wants to be here as much as she can to actually feed bayta with a bottle. I want to get out of Here because tomorrow her boob will be required and that means a lot more time at the hospital.

Bayta seems to be taking it all in stride she is sleeping and only waking up to feed. Although I want to pick her up and hold her we Are holding off because experience tells us to never wake a sleeping baby.

Amanda is pumping now she is having great results.
We have decided to try to have the drs pinpoint for us what other organs, if any, are in the wrong place. In case she ever has to have An appendix out we want to know where it is.

I got to talk to the father of Ellis our next bed over neighbor. He has been here for several months and we had a lot to talk about in common. Ellis is a beautiful baby and today I found out for the first time that he might have some brain issues. They don't know how bad... So they have to wait and see... I wanted to give him a hug. He unlike us had no idea he would be here. They had a normal pregnancy. They also blog:

I will ask for permission to take a pic of Ellis. He has the nursin staff wrapped around his finger.

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