Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frustrated (day 6)

I may not ever post this, but I need to vent about last night.

1. I left and gave my number to the nurse to call me if there were any changes. I was very clear that regardless of time I was to get a call. I especially wanted to know if there were any med changes.

2. There were med changes. I got no call.

3. When I get there the nurse said it was her fault the line from Baytas groin got clogged. I appreciate her honesty. I do. But this little girl needs someone who is 100% on. Yesterday it was because of a nurse who was on her game that we caught the hernia. Had the clogged tube been the only problem I would probably have been... ok not thrilled but ok.

4. I was told yesterday that since Bayta was coming out of a major surgery that the nurse last night would only have one patient... Bayta. (I have no idea if she didnt get someone else dumped on her... but I dont beleive she did.

5. She did not know how to operate the vent.

6. She was unaware until she checked the chart that respritory came in last night and lowered the vent. In my opinion no one should be performing procedures on her without her knowledge.

7. before she left she was asking questions about what she could and couldnt place in the main line. Another nurse had to answer her question. I am mad at myself for not asking more questions about her qualifications at that point.

8. Amanda told me today after I told her about my experiences with the nurse that she thinks her nametag read staff nurse... Did they pull her from general pool because they were short?

9. The final straw was that after all this she came up to me and asked so have you guys picked out a name for her yet? I said yes. Her name is Bayta it should be in the file. Shelooks puzzled says "oh" goes to Baytas chart and looks at the top of the first page where her name is prominently displayed. Did she even bother to read her file?

10. The fix for the blocked line took 1 minute with another nurse helping her. Had she asked for help it would have saved Bayta a foot prick this morning... Did our nurse ask for help before I got there?

I am sure she is a great nurse...but it sounds like she was in over her head. Whoever scheduled her to take care of Bayta made an error. As my father says once burnt always learnt. We will make sure the people who watch her overnight are as qualified as the day shift folks. If not we will be vocal and ask for a change... if that cant happen one of us (me) will spend the night.

I want to make is clear that we are so pleased with the treatment we have received at Childrens hospital. Again yesterday Erika caught a Oz Decel that perhaps saved Baytas Bowel if not her life. Last night was such a different level of care it really surprised us and caught us unaware.

Hope this is helpful for other "o" parents who find themselves in the NICU.

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  1. You guys must be so frustrated. Just keep being vocal and advocating for her. She is gorgeous! Glad the second surgery is behind her and hopefully now she will start to heal. Have the NICU docs or you asked for a genetics consult yet? It might be a good idea to get their input now, esp if they are thinking P of C. just my two (or more) cents. xoxo