Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surgeons vs. Neonatal

Both want what is best for bayta just can't agree on what it is. The surgeons having missed a big hole in her diaphram want to make sure this recovery goes smoothly. The doctors on the nicu see her exhibiting classic "food seeking" behaviors and want her to start eating asap.

Hopefully today she will get her chance. We have had a few dirty diapers now, so all we are waiting on is the go go go signs and she will be off to the races again!

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  1. i know that it is really really hard but sometimes it is best to just wait. when jonathan was recovering from his "o" surgery they made him wait for 9 days before they would let him have anything orally. he had to meet certain milestones, 1. poop 2. NOTHING out of gastric suction 3. reduced swelling 4. weight maintanice on iv nutrition. 5. close to perfect labs on blood draws. it felt like it took FOREVER!! they kept him on a binky to keep up his suck reflex and when the approved him to start eating they called down an ocupational theripist to ensure he was eating properly. believe me i know how much you want to get out of there and take her home but i beg you to make sure you let her have as much time to heal as she needs. once he started started eating it took awhile for him to gain weight and they ened up sending him home on a g-tube..... just because he couldn't eat everthing that they wanted him to .... but he only had it for a couple of days. as hard as it is slowly but surely is usually the way to go

  2. She is so adorable! She looks more like Amanda every day! Lucky dad!