Friday, October 23, 2009


Got back from ordering pain pills for mom and found out bayta was getting low pulse ox numbers. Dr. Ordered a chem panel and a chest xray.

Numbers dropped from high 90's to mid 70's

Will let you know soon how it turned out...

In the mean time Amanda and I destroyed a sheet set And about three diapers. Everytime we got her cleaned up and were just about to put the diaper on... Boom another gusher! I was laughing about how pathetic I was ... Which caused Amanda to laugh... Which really hurts her incision.... Which in turn makes her laugh harder. It's a vicious cycle of laughter pain.

Should have the results of the tests soon!

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  1. Nothing like projectile (breast milk) poop!!!! I sure do not miss those days. I guess now that the damn has been breached it is hard to stop it back up :). Sorry to hear that her pulse ox levels had dropped. We will be praying for you guys!