Friday, October 23, 2009

One down (day 5)

Amanda was discharged today! She looks wonderful. She had a rough early morning. But that is for another blog.

More good news: we got rid of baytas iv so she is down to one tube in her nose and a set of three wires that detect breathing oxygen and heartbeat.

We found her alert and ready this morning and she is now breastfeeding! Amanda is talking to her trying to keep her awake.

Her steri strips come off on tuesday. Those are the pieces of tape over her incision.

Surgery has signed off on her and she is now a ward of the nicu again.

All in all a lot of good news!

Thanks for all the comments and prayer we read every one!

Amanda and I are debating having the boys come up this weekend... We just need to figure out our schedule...

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  1. That is wonderful news! You guys will be outta there in NO TIME! Dr. Warner told us we would be there several weeks when Blair had her surgery... we went there prepared to spend a few days. And, we were released in 8 days! I think as long as she continues to eat well and gain weight you will be home soon!

    Big Hugs - Tiffany