Thursday, October 8, 2009

A rainbow in the rain(10 days till Bayta)

We did have some great news the other day when I went with Amanda to pick up the boys from preschool. Jackson's class gets over about a half hour before Harrison's so we were walking around the school (which happens to be our church... Wesley United Methodist Church) when we bumped into our pastor. Somehow we got on the subject of small groups and she mentioned that a couple we really liked in our small group had gone ahead and joined the church... and even more than that they were getting involved! It made us soooo happy! We were very nervous about hosting a small group (what with Amanda's tendancy to say what ever she is thinking and my generally antisocial nature) We were so afraid we would mess it all up and accidently convert every one to something terrible like Lutheranisim. (just kidding)

We were blessed with a wonderful group. Only one couple had to leave the state after it was over, and they claimed it was for a job oppourtunity. The rest continue to be very active members of our church and really taught us a lot. We have been terrible about keeping up with people since our daignosis. Hence the blog. We miss all of you! And hope to figure out a way to see you again.

Tomorrow we are going to Branson as a family for a two day mini break. This will be our last vacation without Bayta so we are hoping to pack a lot of fun and love into the weekend just in case we don't get to see the boys as often as we want in the next few months. The boys are truly beautiful and have luckily gained many of their mothers features. They are also totally different. Jackson seems genuinely excited for a chance to help mom with a baby girl. Harrison seems ok with it, but still pretty cool on the subject of a sister. I am so excited to see how the dynamics of the family change.

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