Friday, October 9, 2009

Me myself and my iphone (9 days till Bayta)

Yesterday I got Amanda's Ipod (my hand me down) wiped clean so she could customize it. For those of you who have not talked to me in the last 6 months I am a raving iphone/ipod fanatic. I won an Ipod touch at a trade show in Atlanta. I never would have bought the silly thing. Within a few weeks I could not live without it. When the phones for our business came up for renewal the SAME week the new iphone 3GS came out... well who was I to fight providence?

My parents dont understand it, but they are generally happy that I carry around a phone all the time. My wife is less resentful now when I call my phone my precious. Harrison hates my phone because I put a password on it to keep him from mucking around and making international calls. Only Jackson is indifferent to it.

What makes the iphone so special is that there are a gazillion APPS that help you with day to day issues. By carrying it with me I no longer have the need to carry a laptop. This little device that fits in my pocket allows me check my email, run my stereo from any room in the house or even the hammock out back, it replace the cars GPS, and even talks to my nike tennis shoes about how far I have jogged and how fast (or in my case slow) my pace is. I use it to remind me of dates, it can be used as a kindle digital book reader and can even play just about every song I own. I have even been known to watch movies on it. WHile I am sure that the next new thing is right around the corner I am totally in love with this shiny toy and think that for the first time in the last 20 years a company made a tech toy that actually is intuitive and useful. During my grandfather's funeral we got to visit with my father's oldest brother Robert Hemphill and his wife Cherrie. The both have iphones... and they are both nearly 80 years old. It made my heart soar when they lambasted my parents for NOT having one. My oldest brother and his wife just got one because it has one program they want their youngest child Tyler to use. Already she has sent me pictures of Tyler at Gymnastics.

There are also a lot of APPS for after the baby gets here... we will be especially interested in anything that helps us keep up with feedings and diapers and sleeps cycles. I will try to let everyone know which ones we like the best.

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