Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No poop yet

In fact just got some of our first bad news... When we left to take Amanda back for dinner word was no pain meds necessary. I dropped Amanda off and headed to. Ronald mcdonald house to apologize for not getting there sooner... I had a great meal, stck my head in a cold shower and went to check on bayta. Not only Was the word no poop, I was also told she needed and was given a dose of morphine for pain. She needed more pain killer on the form of an anal suppository.... And since she was pretty much out of her mind on morphine she was gonna get have a ng (nasal gastric) (( in through nose into stomach)) feeding tube. I got to help a bit with the procedures... But it was very hard to watch. I am not squeamish but it is definitely different when it is your kid. So now it is 910 pm and bayta has been poked and prodded, and has a new tube... To show for it.... She is wrapped ip and sleeping in my arms...

I feel like a bad bad dad. I would do anything to take away the pain. Next feeding should be 1100 pm I will hopefully have som news then.

For the record I am not upset about how she is doing.... But I am very very tired and want to bring my daughter home. We are truly blessed to have made so much progress so quickly.

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  1. Congrats on Bayta! She is precious!
    I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for a fast recovery and some great healing for your little one.
    I know it is hard to think of, but take advantage of the pain meds. With Karsie, I wish we had been more preventative on her meds. The doctors wrote the prescription for "as needed" which meant she was in major pain before she got the medicine and then it didn't work as well. Think of Bayta's mom... she will be on pain meds for at least a week after having the major surgery... it is no different with your sweet little one... you as the parent have the right to ask the doctors to give the pain meds on a schedule for a few days at least... so the pain doesn't get bad.
    On the pooping note... Sometimes, when the gut has been messed with, it takes a while to get calmed down enough to work. It took Karsie a few days after her patch was put on before she pooped... and she has been pooping ever since. So, in the mean time, we are praying for poop!
    Congrats again, Michelle (Karsie's mom)

  2. I know it sounds trite but you two take care of yourselves - don't get so exhausted you can't take care of her, or your boys when you get home SOON! Will pray for poop! and hopefully that will help w/her pain? I m sure its very hard to see her there - but you will be home soon. hugs to both of you - I can't wait to see her when you get to Springfield!

  3. Poop prayers a plenty... Love to see you holding your little girl, and Catherine broke down last night seeing Amanda with her new baby! Even with minor setbacks, sounds like best case scenario continues. Love that little girl, love your wife, and eventually (10 years maybe) you'll get some rest again... I hope Amanda is feeling better. Shower them both with kisses, as I know you probably already have.