Thursday, October 22, 2009

A family divided (Bayta's 4th day of life)

Ok, I have showered for the first real time since Saturday. Today after taking Amanda to see Bayta I dropped Amanda off at her room and left the hospital to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Tomorrow we will be evicted from Barnes Jewish. It has been a very positive experience, but I am so ready to be out. After I took a shower I went to find a washing machine so I could wash the hospital off my clothes. There was a couch in a dark room and after I finished loading the laundry I sat in a dark common room and just focused on breathing in and and out without the beeping of monitors or the knocking on the door to check some vital or another.

And then the lady behind the desk asked me if I could help her with her computer. The question she was trying to answer for an online computer class was "what is the difference between hardware and software and what is the difference between pc's and macs." I was so happy to actually help someone here that I wrote her homework out and then helped another lady do hers!

It is only 9:53 and I feel like it is 3 in the morning so I hope they pass their test.

Bayta continues to do well. The nurse today tried very hard to keep her off the morphine but said she really got fuss in the afternon and so she gave her another dose as well as a tylenol suppository. The result is that Bayta felt no pain, but she also was in lala land when it came time for Amanda to breast feed.

Tomorrow I do my chores here at the RMH and then I pick up Amanda before 8:00am. She hopefully will have pumped and had breakfast and then I will take her by wheel chair over to Barnes Childrens hospital where we will sit in uncomfortable chairs by Baytas bed until she is ready to feed. It isn't all bad, the hospital will pay for Amandas meals while she is breastfeeding. and we will have the Ronald Mcdonald room at childrens to relax in. TOnight I brought all of the bags from the hospital back to the RMH and I am gonna get the room fixed up so it looks a home as much asi it can. We really started to miss the boys a lot today. Every where I push Amanda we point at things and say stuff like... wow what would Jackson think about that... or Wouldn't Harrison love this? Sarah the O mom from st. Louis who got out in a week sent us an email that ended with something to the effect of enjoy your walks between Barnes Jewis and Barnes Children. Even though it is all indoors the buldings are not on the same level so one way is down hill and the other way is by defintition up hill. But how would I calculate the distance you ask? Well, once again my trusty iphone came to the rescue. I enabled the nike + sensor in my shoe and off we went. Turns out the distance was .3 miles which means that a round trip is .6 miles and I have been making the trip 3 to 4 times a day which is 2.4 miles a day... which is a lot for a fat guy. Then you realize that I am pushing a wheel chair that is very heavy with my very light wife in it and then add in sleep deprivation and I hope you are getting the idea of why I haven't been blogging as much as I should lately.

The news so far has been so positive that Amanda and I cant believe that we may be within a few weeks of leaving the hospital with our precisous baby girl. Now, it makes it hard to be sad when we have minor set backs because she has done so well so far. We were asked if we would mind participating in a web ad for the hospital about our experience and of course we agreed. We both know are thoroughly convinced that we made the best choice when we came here to St. Louis to have our baby.

The trade off right now is that Bayta is in Pain. As parents our job is to minimize pain. So we medicate her. But by medictaing her it makes it harder for her to take the breast milk from mother. The hospital wont send her home with a tube so we have to get her out by getting her weight up.... which is made much more difficult because of the pain meds... kinda like a catch 22, but somewhere in there is a sweet point where we have less pain but still have the ability to feed. Finding it may take a few days... but again after thinking we were gonna be here for a few months it is definitely a situation I can live with.

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