Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you Saint Johns!

3d picture of bayta's hand

Amanda getting jellied up for her last ultrasound at st johns...

This is John. He isn't smiling for the camera... He always looks happy. (especially when the appointments with the crazy Hemphills are over.)

Amanda and the stress test machine. The machine measures heart beat and contractions... Amanda pushes a button to mark fetal movement.

The stress tests take time so after Amanda gets hooked up to the machine she reclines in a comfy chair.

This is Lauren. She also was not thrilled to have her picture taken so we compromised and I did it in shadow. Every time we showed up she had the job of hooking Amanda to the machine. Some days bayta was easy to find some days not so much. Lauren had a device she used call a stimulator (kinda like a cattle prod for the unborn) which caused bayta to do back flips!

No, we are not allergic to latex! Every week we were greeted by smiling faces...

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