Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I could use a shot! (4 days till Bayta)

Four days 10 hours 51 minutes ... but who is counting.

As i said earlier this was our last day at St. Johns. This was supposed to be the day Amanda and i got our flu shots. Problem? of course. 4000 doses were accidently destroyed when a refrigeration system failed.

Result? No flus hot for Mom or Dad. the boys will be able to get their shot next week... but we are out of luck. it was so bad we went to Walgreens and even THEY did not have a flu shot!

Good news for today is that we have been put on the list for Ronald McDonald house by Anne the case worker at the NICU in St. Louis. I havent met her yet, but she seems like an awesome person. I am still bringing my sleeping bad in case I have to sleep in the car, but she says the wait will probably be more like 2 to 3 days not 2 to 3 weeks. I can live with that. We also found out that we will probably have a private recovery room for Amanda which is a good thing. The case worker at Barnes Jewish hospital said to bring a robe for her and some pictures for the room because the wall are quite drab. So tonight I am scrounging for frames and pictures. I have about 100 personal thank yous to write... and then I can think about getting some sleep. Tomorrow is the pumpkin farm day for the boys, and Amanda's last work day, so I get to take them to the pumpkin patch. They are pretty excited. Amanda has had a full schedule this week and I know she is keeping a brave face... but she is very tired. Several of her coworkers got together and got Amanda gift certificates to restaurants near Barnes Childrens hospital. We are going to save them for nights when we have something to celebrate. Again we can not thank everyone enough for their kindness.

This Sunday will be our last day of church before Bayta. If yo are so inclined we could definitely use a prayer for our Monday adventure.

Still havent decided whether to drive on Monday or Sunday to St. Louis. We need to figure that one out tonight though.

Amandas mom and Dad will be in on Saturday.

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  1. I haven't been commenting each time I check up on ya'all, but I check in regularly. We are so excited for you! We will keep praying for you, especially on and after Monday! My little Brother Chuck stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Virginia with their 1st baby. They said that they were treated so wonderfully by the people there. We love you and can't wait to hear that she is here!