Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Good Evening Indeed

Tonight we took the boys to McSalty's where we saw Nick and Ned and Ruel the band. (Not sure if I got the name right at all) Amanda and I both used to go see them when we were in college. (Never with each other of course)

The boys had a pretty good time and I had a good time too. Amanda smiled and bopped to the music so I think she had fun too which always makes me happy. We decided that when we get Bayta back to Springfield we will have a party at McSaltys and invite all of our friends and family. Got home and the boys went to sleep without any fuss. Daddy is tired. he had to watch the boys AND clean house. Two things he is not very good at. I scrubbed 5 toilets until they shined. It is amazing how dirty two little boys can get a toilet... I need to remember to talk to them about aiming... but that will probably wait for a while. We are again working on thank you notes tonight... if we are lucky she will let me watch "Dexter" while we work. that show is so disturbing... but I cant stop watching it.


  1. Monday is quickly approaching. I cannot believe in 3 days little Bayta will make her appearance in to the world! I'm so excited to hopefully meet her on Monday!

    I will have my camera with me and waiting in case I am able to come back and see her!

    Hugs - Tiff

  2. Loving the Branson pics!! Do you recommend the splash country? Also, does McSalty's still have live music occasionally? I didn't think Nick, Ruell and Ned played there anymore. I wanna go and take my kids!!

    Thinking of you guys!