Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The End of the Line (4 days to Bayta)

Today was pretty anti-climatic. It was our last stress test, ultrasound and belly measurement. The results? Normal. If Amanda was a turkey she would be done. I half expect her belly button to pop out any minute. We took pictures of some of the people that have poked and prodded us along the way. All we can say is thank you for putting up with our questions and tears. Both of our primary care doctors were gone today so we did not get to say good bye to Dr. Litherland (Wifferlin to the boys) or Dr. Frazer. Our genetic counselor (who by the way agrees with me that this is all Amanda's gene's fault)is home with a baby of her own. Bayta was being difficult but we did get a pretty cool picture of her hand. We also got to see a mess of hair on her head. It was nice.

I am a little slow getting pics up because last night I sent a video of the boys singing happy birthday to their beloved Grammy. It was a super cute video but right now it is jammed in my IPHONE outbox and it is causing me many headaches today. I plan on upgrading the device tonight, but it sure has thrown a wrench in my works.

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