Monday, October 19, 2009

Administrative snafu

Because a test got mischeduled we are back to probably 1215 which means an exit time of 0115. Amanda was so tired she is taking a nap now (with the lights on)

I just turned them off and she is snoring soundly. She is amazing I know she is scared to death of the c section (Which I would be too...) but she has resolved to make it through. I think she is very much at peace with it.

The hospital just brought her a tray of food. She was starving, but probably won't be able to eAt until tomorrow. They encouraged me to get something to eat since it will likely be a while until I get to, but I figured if she can go without food so can I. Besides there is no way I am leaving her now after all we have been through. Hopefully Judy and Larry will bring me back something. Judy is trying to do her best to make sure her daughter is being looked after...

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