Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Vague and Contingent"

I was talking to Amy Mancuso a gal I went to SMSU with who was an Resident Assistant. She found me on Facebook... I am glad she did she was always a nice person who I wondered what happened to. She was sarcastic and very smart as I recall. Anyway I was telling her that we dont really know what is going on and that for right now our prognosis was "vague and contingent" that seems to be a great way of describing this year.

Amanda and I went to see Dr. Frazier's office for a stress test and ultrasound. Everything is fine. Amanda feels full as a tick and has not been sleeping well. The other night she got kicked by Bayta (who apparently has no problems with lower body development.) and went from laying down to sitting up instantly. Then she has to try to fall asleep all over again.

Right now we are trying to get the house in an order of some kind... but it is slow going. We got a bedroom set for Amanda so for the first time since we have been married we actually have grownup furniture that we bought. (Judy and Larry have effectively decorated our house with their hand me downs.) Now we are just waiting on Amanda to pick out a mattress... so until then we are "camping out" in the basement.

Last night I got a computer desk thanks to our friends Brian and Mark who helped us move it into the house. It looks really great, but was so heavy we have pretty much decided to sell it with the house when we move.

Friday we head to St. Louis for our last prenatal check. We are gonna be armed with a long list of questions from breastfeeding to survivability... Harold and Allena will meet us there and the boys will be there also... should be a long day... We are hoping to meet Tiffany our Fairy 'O' Mother there as well.

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