Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Mother in Law

Some people don't like their mother in laws. I won the lottery. The bad thing is I think she doesn't realize how much I appreciate all she does for our family. Amanda and I literally bought clothes for our two year old and our four year old for the first time last month. Judy bought everything else. When se showed up to visit us this weekend she had several bushel baskets of cloths for little Bayta Sophia... and even some cool bowboy boots for the boys... The boys honestly believe that she hung the moon. When Judy comes to visit Amanda gets to experience what it is like to be a distant second. They call her Grammy and I sometimes wonder if we dropped them off at Grammy's house if we would ever be missed? When Amanda and I head off to St. Louis Grammy has agreed to put her life on hold and watch the boys for an unspecified amount of time while we figure out Bayta's care. Politically she is a little screwed up... but I think I am learning to overlook it.

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