Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3rd to Last Springfield exam (18 days to bayta)

She is gonna be a big girl 6lbs 8 oz already!!! She is breach but with a c section no big deal. Her head measures 40 weeks which worries us, but dr Fraser says no worries. (one of the nasty syndromes associated with O babies is called beckwith-weideman and generally it creates large heads) Babies typically grow 1/2 lb a week in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Amanda is about to be examined by dr litherland (the boys call her wifferland) We are going to try to bribe her with chocolates to go with us to st louis... If she says no Amanda says it is discretionary if I want to hit her over the head and kidnap her. Seriously she has delivered both of our boys and we trust her so much. She was one of the hardest parts of our decision not to stay in Springfield.

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  1. It is a hard decision to leave behind your OB that you love and trust so much! I admire Amanda's strength for trusting in the people in St. Louis. I will pray that the baby doesn't have BWS! I've heard of that before from other O Mom's.

    Big Hugs - Tiff