Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks Tammy and Judy

Tammy informed me that some of our links to Omphalocele info were broken. I updated that part with links to some families that have just gone through and are currently living with the aftermath of an "O" baby. A few of the sites have some very graphic birth photos... but they give a very real image of what the Omphalocele looks like.

My mother in law also pointed out that I really need to read what I post before I post it... While I agree with her, the reality is that it wont always happen. Please don't hate me for it... but if I wait until I have proofed the document I dont think I will ever get it up. I will go back and proof from time to time.... maybe I will even give Judy an "editors" access so she can go through and fix my typos and poor grammar...

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