Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tweaking the blog (20 days till Bayta)

My mother in law says she is not getting notification when I the blog gets updated... today I should have fixed this. Also I added a handful of family and friends to receive a notice on the blog when I update so if that gets annoying let me know...

Tweaking when I was in the prosecutors office was a term used to describe the constant fidgeting done my meth addicts as they are coming down off a fix. The cant sit still and they cant hold on to a thought for more than a few seconds... seemed like a pretty good way to describe me. Last night while I was up I worked on thank you notes and letters and Medical authorizations for my in laws. It was productive time but I payed the price for it yesterday.

I have been seeing a personal trainer for a few months and he has been really kincking my butt 2 times a week. I hate going, but the differences in my overall health are very noticeable and generally I am glad when I get done. That added on to very little sleep and I was a very tired boy.

Yesterday I got a call from Thor (my pilot friend) asking me to pick him up at the Springfield Airport. His wife has just been diagnosed with MS and is banned from driving until she gets her condition figured out.

I know from all the emails and letters that I receive that a lot of people are praying for us... you have no idea how comforting that is to Amanda and I. This week though if you dont mind please pray for Tom Harvey's family (Tom passed away last week and also pray for Thor and his wife.)

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