Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just looking around (day 16)

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  1. She is still the cutest little thing ever. Darick- that was a great story from the girl named "Bayta". I have never heard of the books yall are talking about - but that doesn't mean anything- I am not a big reader..I am sure Bayta will go thru life just like the rest of us with a name that fits her just fine. There were not too many Doris' when I was growing up either..it is an old name and I used to get called "Doris Day" alot!!Is there any given reason why she is not gaining weight like she should?? If not she will on her own time. I know yall are tired of the hospital and miss the boys- but like your friend told you- you are in the right place now and if you get home and something happens- you want have that"team" there for you.Right now all you have is time - so take it!! Take care...