Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It is 10 on November 5th

We found out a few minutes ago that we have been sent home. Amanda and I cried and hugged and made an immediate decision to go home without telling anyone. I will publish this blog at a later date, but wanted to jot down some feelings while I am waiting here for Bayta to wake up.

It is bitter sweet leaving and we are both waiting for someone to come in and say oops you guys are the hemphill baby.... We made a mistake.

Ellis is swinging away in his swing and it looks like we won't get to have a lunch at the Boathouse with his parents afterall... We will continue to pray for Ben and Ellis and all the other children and parents. This has been a life changing event for us and by far the best horrible experience of our lives.

I have had so many people write us and "talk" to us even though we did not get back to you. Those letters and notes helped us keep sane while we were going though this. To all the folks who sent gifts and food and helped our parents watch the boys while we were away .... We are humbled by your generosity. To those who prayed, the results were felt and appreciated. This has been as much a spiritual journey as a medical one and end the end Amanda an I both feel closer to God and the important things in our world than ever before.

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