Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eating a smoothie waiting for a weigh in

We have left bayta alone to eat from a bottle for her afternoon feed so she got 80 ml of breast milk. We are basically trying to lay low so she gets plenty of sleep.

Today the nicu lost a baby in the ward next to us. It is the first time we have seen that. The family gathered around to say good bye and they brought in cameras to video their last moments together. It was very sad. I could see our new friend James was particularly upset by it. His little boy Ellis Is doing so well. They will hopefully be home on Monday. James has been here for months and has seen the video cameras before more than he would like... Several times on his families journey they have received news to prepare themselves for the worst. And here he is. You do almost have a survivors remorse. Please pray for a weight gain for Bayta, peace for the families today all over that lost their Babies and continued smooth sailing for Ellis and the other children fighting their way out of the hospitals...

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  1. WOW! Sobering but all the more grateful that all is going well with you all.