Saturday, January 9, 2010

A final update... for now

Bayta continues to do well. Amanda has sworn for weeks that she smiles at her... today I actually caught some serious smile action! She lights up the room. She gave us a scare in the last forty eight hours. There is a small bulge poking out from directly below her incision. It is about a dime to a nicle in diameter and sicks out 1/4 of an inch. You can poke it in and it pops back out. We called the surgeons (who pronounced her healed about two weeks ago) and they said that she probably has a hernia, but they will not do anything about it unless it gets bigger or she gets a fever or some kind of blockage. We will have them look at it again in a few months when we go back to ST LOUIS for a genetics follow up. In the meant time we called the local baby sureon and was told by his nurse that if the Dr.'s in St Louis wanted to ask them to take a look at it they would otherwise we should go to St. Louis to have it looked at. It sure ould be nice for them to take a look and say... no worries instead of having to drag bayta to St. Louis which is a 6 hour trip...

Any way our new blog is

if you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to become a member of our new one. Sorry for the delay in the announcement but out internet provider has been droping bandwith since just before Christmas and I have been offline.

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