Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whats next

Tomorrow we have an appointment scheduled at St. Johns to have a fetal ecchocardiogram performed on Bayta. This test will hopefully give us some more infor on how her heart is doing. Often times even perfectly healthy babies have small holes or "leaks" in their hearts that heal themselves naturally. Because we have done so many fetal ultrasounds they often find the "minor" defects when looking for the big ones. Our fetal medicine specialist says it is unusual for children with this condition to "grow" a heart condition so if we make it though this test we will feel a lot better about her outcome.

They will again measure all the baby's limbs, look at brain structure and spinal structure and the state of the omphalocele itself. The other issue with the head is a condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell in which the heart tilts to a weird angle because the diaphram does not support it because the liver and bowels are not in the right position.

After the test tomorrow... we have to make a decison about where to have her... Here in Springfield, or Possibly St. Louis... More about that in anoter blog!


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